SBC1-R1 (Scratch Build Chassis, First, Revision 1)

System is based upon the Zotac H55ITX-A-E motherboard, i7-860 CPU, 8GB Memory, XFX GT 240 Video Card, 5 Slot Icy Dock SATA Backplane, SATA DVD Drive, and 650W PSU.

The case is fabricated using black ABS sheets in 1/8 and 1/4 inch thicknesses. Construction is a combination of ABS Glue, J B Weld epoxy, drill and tap all well suited for in home projects. The ABS sheet material is available from Tap Plastics, a chain outlet in this area, that will quickly cut sheets to size (with good quality). The clear windows top front and rear are 3/16 acrylic panels sliding is a standard 'L" shaped clear acrylic rails.

The system is dominated by the huge CPU cooler (ThermoTake Frio) with one 120mm fan directly attached. The upper chassis area has in line intake and exhaust 120mm fans. The Icy Dock SATA Backplane is cooled by a 120mm exhaust fan. The PSU is mounted/oriented such that the intake air and output is directly to the exterior.

For the most part, all cabling is accomplished in an one inch high cavity fromed by the plate above the SATA Backplane/PSU and the motherboard mounting plate.

Each of the 120mm fans has a manual speed control dial mounted to be accessed from the outside of the chassis (near the fan under control). And each of these fans has a front mounted an off/on toggle switch. This feature allowed me to identify that the video card fan is too loud (gives me a reason to have a SBC1-R2).

It is what it is... a platform done my way with the available tools and materials. No paint, no metal cutting, no metal benting, etc.


And here is the benchmark page for reference (OS X 10.6.7 with all updates on 4/30/2011).



top front

rear top


S1-glue up

2-glue up

4-glue up

5-glue up


cable 2






mb-on-plare right