SBC1-R2 (Scratch Build Chassis, First, Revision 2)

The XFX GT 240 video card fan was the major noise generator and not wanting to give up on the card I choose to replace the fan and the heat sink with a passive GPU cooler.

I did not find many choices in GPU coolers. I did find the Artic Cooler Accelero S1 Rev. 2 in stock, discounted and with shipping and sales tax the cost was $30.

As you can see the thing is fairly large and as it turns out, too large to fit the case. Rather then give up, I decided to "re-size" the GPU Cooler to fit with in the space available.

After trimming the fins by about 3/4 inch and a little shaping on the belt sander, I had just what I needed. Assembly was fairly simple. I saw no need to reinstall the plastic

covers that came on the cooler. With the system five or six feet away from me, I can not hear the other fans so I am happy (for now). Concurrently I am bringing up a

Zotac H67ITX-C-E MB as seen in these photos. I had thought to put the new motherboard into this case, but will delay that decision for a while .


This is a long exposure thus the exaggerated LED glow.

monster cooler

with card

no heat sinkgpu-1



In this test for fit, the GPU fins extend into the area for the front window panel. I decided to cut the thing down to fit (loose about 3/4" of the front fins).

cut to size


close up

rear top

With the top back on, the system is complete and running very well. Idle temps are under 30 C and with 8 threads under full load it runs in the low 60s. Again I am of the opinion that this is the "best of class" mini-ITX H55 motherboard in the market (too bad to see that it is being replaced by the -C-E version).

Following are photos of my bring-up of the Zotac H67ITX-C-E with an l7-2600K and 8GB memory. Running a patched kernel... more later.

bu 1


bu 2

Enough for now.